about us

Welcome To The Fan Club.

R Place has something for everyone. 

Our award winning artisan coffee has been expertly selected (and believe us, we tried a lot)! We have a lot of syrups to accompany our beautiful coffee, along with beautiful hot chocolates and  our very own Blitzed drinks in the warmer months.

With our donuts, we offer the classics as well as our specials that range from seasonal favourites to unique flavour combinations we concoct most weeks.  Our donuts are cut, proofed and fried fresh every morning, they're topped with glazes, frostings, jams and custards made from scratch using high quality, specialty ingredients. We create one of a kind doughnuts that are soft and fluffy in texture, have a good balance of sweetness to the dough and flavours that will always keep you coming back for more! 

our story

Weighing ingredients, mixing our dough, cutting, proofing and frying. It takes five to six hours for our donuts to be made from start to finish. The dough is mixed in small batches, hand cut, shaped, fried and glazed every morning! We also dress our homemade brownies and bake our homemade cookies every morning, so if you're lucky, when you get to the shop they might still be warm!
Our dough, brownies, cookies, glazes, frostings, toppings and fillings are made from scratch using local ingredients. We don’t use preservatives in our dough, and because of this, our donuts are best enjoyed as soon as possible!
The light and fluffy texture lots of you have come to love and enjoy takes time and love - we will never sacrifice the quality and consistency of our donuts for quantity!
There is a lot of food waste in our industry and we don’t want to add to it! We strive to avoid waste at all costs. This is why we choose to make one big batch a day and sell them until they’re gone! We also use every last bit of our dough that we can.
 We bust out our maximum capacity. Which comes out to approx. 500+ donuts a day on the weekend. Each weekend varies and sometimes we sell dozens at a time and other days just a few per person. Because of this unpredictability, some days we sell out quickly while other days we last all day.
 Our weekdays consist of cooking up a storm in the kitchen, thinking of new and exciting recipes for the shop. If we aren't doing that, we're king of ideas on how to expand and make our business better than it is day after day.