About Us

Meet the band

R Place is owned and ran by Rachel Holmes and Emily Cromarty. Best of friends since 2007 and best of business partners since 2017.


The Frontman.

When Rachel hits the stage floor, she makes her presence known like only a frontman knows how. She engages the audience with her magnetic personality, this is what keeps you guys coming back for more! A heart of gold and a strong work ethic, this woman knows how to rock the DIY sections and keep you guys smiling until the encore.


Lead Guitarist/Songwriter

In the background, the recipes get written and put into play in Emily's playground (aka the kitchen). Every product is a riff of Emily's creative expression. Ideas enter Emily's head, and thankfully pen and paper is never far away, so everyone can try the goodies that come from the mind of endless creativity. The website is designed and put into motion by Emily, as are the social media sites along with all of the photography too.  It's all work and all play.